• 2019

    2019 – $80,000 in Grants

    • Grace Centers of Hope: We donated $20,000 to Grace Centers of Hope Womens program. This program is a one-year rehabilitation program that helps women and families transition to stable housing, sobriety, and employment. The Life Skills Program is a Christ-centered, residential program that focuses on our “core issue” separation from God. Through mentoring and discipleship, their goal is to reconcile residents back to God and give them the tools they need, in order to live a responsible, productive life that is free from addiction.


    • New Day Foundation:  We donated $20,000 to New Day Foundation which helped provide relief to families struggling to meet their bills due to lost income while undergoing treatment related to their cancer diagnosis.


    • Camp Casey:We donated $20,000 to Camp Casey. These dollars will provide several families the opportunity to attend their Cowboy Camp Out program where the children and their families are able to enjoy a week long retreat in the wilderness to relax and enjoy a fun filled week, without the worries of day to day life with cancer.


    • Dutton Farms: We donated $20,000 to Dutton Farms with the goal of helping them provide safe transportation to the people with disabilities that are involved in their work program. This is one of the largest obstacles in helping these individuals to getting involved in their program.


    Grace Centers of Hope Mission:
    Grace Centers of Hope is a non-profit, Christian organization committed to positively changing the lives of the unwanted, addicted, and homeless through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, personal accountability, life skills education, and work-related programs. The foundation of change is the local church which encourages residents to become strong in faith and independence while it lovingly promotes a sense of belonging within a community that truly can be called “home”. 


    New Day Foundation:
    Our mission is to alleviate the financial burden of cancer. They are dedicated to creating a world where no family experiences the financial and emotional burden of cancer alone.


    Camp Casey Mission:
    Camp Casey’s mission is to provide safe and fun experiences for children and families affected by childhood cancer, sickle cell disease, and aplastic anemia through accessible horseback riding programs.


    Dutton Farm Mission:
    Empowering and supporting adults with disabilities to live a life of purpose, inclusion and dignity.


  • 2018

    2018 – $61,000 in Grants

    • Love for a Child: We donated $17,500 to this organization making us their biggest single donor in 2018.  This money funded nearly their entire summer camp for over 40 foster kids.   The Love for a Child camp helped bring joy to so many foster kids who have suffered from a variety of issues including abuse, neglect, and behavioral issues.  It let them just be kids!


    • Downtown Boxing Gym:  We donated $17,500 to Downtown Boxing Gym which paid tuition for an additional 10 kids to enter their program of the more than 500 on the waiting list.  These children will now have a safe environment to get exemplary tutoring in math, reading, and stem activities all while having a little bit of fun learning to box!


    • Feeding the Need:  We donated $13,000 to Feeding the Need which nearly funded their rent for an entire year. This is their biggest budget item and will allow them to continue their mission of feeding the homeless and food deficient families of Macomb County and surrounding areas.


    • Gigi’s Playhouse: We donated $13,000 to Gigi’s Playhouse to help put them over the top with their funding needs to establish the first playhouse in Michigan to help children with Down Syndrome. This facility will allow individuals to participate in social, therapeutic, and educational programs, such as tutoring, playgroups, sibling groups, music classes, cooking classes and more! As a showing of their appreciation they honored us by naming their kitchen after Men Who Care!


    Love For a Child:
    Our mission at Love For A Child™ is to “Rewrite the story for at-risk children and youth through actions authentic love.” When we hear about stories of children who are severely hurt, abused, or living in fear we can’t help but want to step in to provide a safe place for these kids to be heard, listened to and cared for. Our trained and dedicated teams understand kids are meant to be kids, to have a childhood where their creative minds are explored and their smallest achievements are celebrated. Over 70% of children abused before the age of ten years old who have suffered some form of abuse become reliable to medications and drugs to cope with their surroundings. Almost 62% of foster care children in Michigan who have lived in traumatized life settings before the age of ten, will not graduate high school and revert to dropping out or potential substance abuse.


    Downtown Boxing Gym:
    Through education, athletics, mentorship and intervention, the Downtown Boxing Gym empowers Detroit students to be positive and productive members of society.


    Feeding the Need:
    Macomb Feeding the Need started on February 28th, 2010. As written above, our mission statement is to “Feed the Needs of the Community Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit”. We feed their bodies meals, their minds with encouragement, their souls with warm clothing and their spirit with hope. Our goal is to earn their trust and help even more individuals and families get off the streets and become self sufficient and active members of their communities.


    Gigi’s Playhouse:
    GiGi’s Playhouse was created to change the way the world views a Down syndrome diagnosis and send a global message of acceptance for all.


    We understand that many families are first time parents and they need us. Many young parents do not expect, or know in advance of their child’s diagnosis, and they need renewed hope and genuine acceptance from day one.


    At GiGi’s Playhouse families are never alone. From a prenatal diagnosis to career skills, we make a lifetime commitment to remain by their side. Families are empowered with all the tools their child needs to succeed!

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