We found that most people have the inclination and desire to give back to their community, but end up not getting involved simply because they don’t have the time or resources to research and contact charitable causes. That’s where we come in!


Men Who Care does not focus on a single area of need in the community. We put in time and effort in vetting organizations that have a history of serving the community, and a need for our fundraising campaigns. So twice annually, we hold fundraising events whereby all the proceeds are donated to that specific cause.


So far, we have raised money for the family of a slain police officer, a child diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, a local community program working with those in need in Pontiac, and have upcoming fundraising events for Youth and Foster Care Programs.


What makes Men Who Care unique is that we do not have any single large donor supporting our organization. Our strength is in numbers and shared passion for our community, and our success is predicated on our continued growth. And that’s where you can help. If you share the same passion and desire to give back to your community in a fun, exciting and rewarding way, then this is your opportunity!


Contact us and we will fill you in on all that we do and how you can help make a difference.

Working together
to meet the needs
of the local community