We are a charitable organization that was created to help the local community. We meet three times a year, each person donates $100, and as a group we vote on a local charitable cause to donate the money to.


The concept is simple, and was born in Jackson, MI when a woman named Karen Dunigan saw the need to raise money to donate cribs to less fortunate new mothers in the Jackson area. Rather than looking to a few individuals to contribute to her cause, she got a group of woman together to donate $100 each and was able to raise over $12,000. She knew she was on to something and started the Who Care Alliance, which we are affiliated with along with 400 other chapters all across the world.


Rob Hatcher, James Rademaker, and Justin Swarbrick heard about a local Woman Who Care group in Rochester, MI that has over 200 members which means they donate more than $20,000 each time they meet! The idea was too simple and too powerful not to try and duplicate their efforts. From there, Men Who Care – Detroit was born. We hope we can grow this organization be one of the largest chapters in the country and are excited to see what we can do as we truly believe we are Stronger Together. Our vision is to expand beyond our three annual meetings to include other charitable events including golf outings, 5k’s, and other events to raise money for local charitable causes. Additionally, we hope members of the Men Who Care will help beyond just their charitable giving but to also donate their time serving the community.