What if you cannot make a meeting?

No problem. You just will not be able to vote on the charitable cause. You can still pay by using any of the payment options included below.

What type of payment does MWC take?

We are able to accept, cash, check, credit card, or payment through Paypal. If you are going to use credit card or Paypal we request you also pay for the processing fee (4%).

Do you have to be at the meeting in order to vote?


How do I submit/nominate a charitable cause?

Prior to the meeting, we ask that you send your charitable cause to one of the Board of Directors. They will vette the selection and once it is approved it will be included in the random drawing to determine which charitable causes will be voted on at our meeting. The random drawing will take place at the meeting.

What if I do not want to give a speech about my charitable cause?

If your charitable group is selected, we ask that someone provide background so the group can make an informed voting decision. You can have someone else present the material.

Does the charitable cause need to be a 501c3?

No, It just can not have any…

How do we spread the word to others who may be interested?

Get in touch with any of the Founding Members or Board of Directors. We have material we can send on your behalf or that you can send to others interested in joining.

What if you don’t pay the $100?

We ask that you pay the $100. If you don’t pay, you will not be kicked out but remember we are Stronger Together and are trying to do as much good as we can for the local community.